Projekt Pilates is a private Pilates studio nestled in the Silver Lake hills.  We offer one-on-one lessons by appointment only.  We encourage and guide you through thoughtful movement, creating a sense of balance, ease, and strength in your daily life.


Valerie Anderson began practicing Fletcher Pilates as a way to find relief from lower back and knee pain and to gain some much-needed flexibility.    As an avid runner, it was quickly evident that Pilates provided an essential balance.  Upon entering her first Pilates studio, Valerie's outlook on health and fitness was forever changed.  The positive mental and physical changes she felt and saw in her body got Valerie hooked for life!

Valerie graduated from the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in Los Angeles and is a Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher.  Previously, Valerie worked as a writer and editor.  She lives in Silver Lake with her husband and her dog Ebbie. Valerie is thrilled to have the opportunity to teach at Projekt Pilates and share this work with others.

Molly Schulman  was drawn to Pilates after years of suffering from a low back injury.  Having a background in dance, she was instantly drawn to the precision and coordinated movement aspects of Ron Fletcher’s work. The powerful and positive effects it had on her back pain quickly became apparent.  Realizing that Fletcher Pilates was a necessary and indispensable complement to her lifestyle, she decided to pursue teaching as a career.

Molly graduated from the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in Tucson, AZ and is a Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher. She is a visual artist and resides in East Hollywood.


Ron Fletcher (1921-2011) studied directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates in NY.   He was a dancer and choreographer and originally sought out Joe Pilates to rehabilitate a knee injury.  After Joe Pilates died in 1967, Ron Fletcher continued to develop the work, bringing it to the west coast and incorporating elements from his experience with the Martha Graham Dance Company.  He notably brought the work "to standing", emphasized the "percussive breath", and taught Pilates as a movement practice rather than exercise.