"While I've been doing Pilates for years, I had my first Fletcher Pilates lesson with Molly, and I immediately noticed a shift in my mind/body connection. Her patient, thorough, and funny manner made learning a new hard thing seem fun. As for the space itself, Projekt Pilates feels like a gorgeous cabin overlooking a secret garden, though it's walking distance from the bustle of Silverlake."

--MaryAnne L.


"Both Molly and Valerie are highly trained and knowledgable.  I started Pilates with Molly out of necessity, having dealt with years of back pain that was only getting worse.  Molly has been so patient and kind, even emailing with my chiropractor and targeting my problem areas into our sessions.  Projekt Pilates is a life saver!"

--Annie B.


"I was new to Pilates when I first started with Molly and I really appreciated how supportive and thorough she was. She never let me off the hook but was able to teach in such a warm and easy way that the time flew. Molly is friendly and calm and super knowledgeable, a gem of a teacher...If I was still in LA I'd still be working with her. " 

--Juliet O.


"Ordinarily I am not a person known to rhapsodize about the latest exercise.  In fact, I am someone who prefers a good book to feeling the muscles burn at gym.  However, then I discovered Projekt Pilates. This little gem of a Pilates studio in Silverlake is run by Molly Schulman and Valerie Anderson who have trained in the world famous  Fletcher method.  My teacher Molly was great at getting me stretched and honed, and I can already feel my body changing.  I have been to a few Pilates and yoga studios in my time, but I can honestly say that this one made me feel the most taken care of.  Highly recommended."

--Sarana M.


"A welcome addition to the neighborhood. .. These two only care about keeping their clients healthy and strong and having a nice, welcoming vibe."

--Louise N.